Vision March 2012

Is Cheap False Economy ? 

The general feedback, which we are hearing at the moment throughout the industry, is that there has been several false starts to the new year. There appears to be plenty of activity regarding enquiries, which is promising for the coming months as the economy starts to show signs of confidence.

We at Interframe have found that as other suppliers have reduced costs by using cheaper fittings, dropping good practices and reduced customer support, their customer, you the installer, have suffered due to lack of referrals. Recommendations have always been the cheapest form of advertising, I.E free, your last customer has already put you on a pedestal to the next potential, hopefully making closing the deal easier. Well run businesses need to be able to rely upon the quality, reliability and backup of their fabricator to fulfil their customer’s expectations, ultimately leaving you confident that the product installed will provide many years of reliable service.

It would appear that the market place is becoming polarised, in which there are the companies that cater to the budget end of the market and then those that have pitched themselves within the quality sector at competitive prices. I am proud to say that at Interframe we fall into the later category. Still to this day we supply our first ever customer, some 25 years on.  Now that’s a recommendation !

Not only do we strive for continued improvement in terms of quality and service, we are also continuously looking at new and innovative products. If you read these articles on a regular basis, I’m sure you will have noticed several additions recently to our bespoke manufactured range. Just to recap, Fully reversible windows, three bi-fold door systems including aluminium, a vast choice of Rehau coloured profiles, as well as SBD/7950 availability on the majority of our products, just to name a few.

If you feel that you as the installer have become a victim of your suppliers cutbacks, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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